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In the interest of saving bandwidth, I present only portions of the materials here (originals available on request).

Broadway & Seymour, Inc.
For BSG, formerly Imonics Corp.

Demographics Entry

Demographics information
is handled first

(Note: This is one page of an Instructor's Guide for teaching participants how to use a manual demographics entry application developed for hospital collection software.)

Explain that users enter information about the people and places involved in an encounter into the Demographics Entry tool, and enter financial information into the Manual Processing tool. 

Explain that the process of manually entering encounter information into the Mars system is broken down into two steps: 

  • First, a user must enter applicable encounter information into the Demographics window and instruct the tool to process it. During processing, the tool assigns an encounter identification number to the record that it creates.
  • This tool is the subject of this course.

  • Later, a user enters financial transaction information through the Manual Processing tool, using the encounter identification number to place the billing information into the record that contains the demographics information.
  • This tool is taught in another course.

Tell participants that they will become familiar with how information is divided among the panes of the Demographics window during the first lesson.

a-4 Health Systems (formerly Management Systems Associates, Inc.)
Company newsletter
December, 1993

Super Cursor!


My cursor is faster than a jabbing finger; stronger than the longest word, and able to leap large paragraphs with a single keystroke! And kryptonite doesn't phase it.

No, it's not from a far-away planet. It comes with WordPerfect. You just need to know the keys to press: Home, Control, and arrow keys. This month's column is about moving through your document using these keys, which I'll call <Home>, <Ctrl>, <Up>, <Down>, and so forth. When you need to press two keys at the same time, I'll add a plus symbol between them, such as <Ctrl>+<Up>. These commands work in both WP for DOS (WP/DOS) and WP for Windows (WP/WIN) unless otherwise noted.

When you mate arrow keys with the <Ctrl> key, you add dimension to movement and get further faster than you ever thought possible. ...

a-4 Health Systems (formerly Management Systems Associates, Inc.)
Company newsletter
March, 1994

Doin' it with Style


More and more MSAers are dressing up their memos and reports with style--WordPerfect styles, that is. WP's user-defined styles contain codes (and text) that provide a quick and consistent way to format parts of your document. This month, I'll tell you a couple of style tricks you can use with either WordPerfect for Windows (WP/WIN) or WordPerfect for DOS (WP/DOS).

First, your setup. If you have a default style library file selected WP automatically calls it into documents that don't already have styles, or documents that you create. If you used the standard install to load WP, the program assigned LIBRARY.STY as the default style library file. You can check this by looking at "Location of Files" in Setup (WP/DOS) or Preferences (WP/WIN). Styles stick with documents and parts of documents, so if you retrieve a file or copy part of a file into a working document, the styles come with it. Consider deleting the "Location of Files" style library filename to help avoid corrupting your working document's styles.

Note: You always deal with styles through the Styles list (Alt+F8).

If you accidently corrupt your document's style sheet, or if you want to find out which styles your working document is actually using, you can delete any or all of the styles using the "Definition Only" option, available after selecting the "Delete" command.

At first, this seems to remove the style's name, description, and codes, but after you return to and page through the document, WP restores, to the Style List, the names and codes (but not descriptions) of any styles actually used. The ones the document doesn't use are gone. Cool, huh! ...

a-4 Health Systems (formerly Management Systems Associates, Inc.)
Company newsletter
November, 1993

WordPerfect, Laptops, and the Vanishing Cursor Act...


So you've joined the growing cadre of MSAers using WordPerfect for DOS (WP/DOS) on a laptop computer, but you burn lots of time looking for the cursor. What to do?

WP/DOS has the answer to the vanishing cursor in a utility program stored in the CURSOR.COM file. First you need to make sure you have this file, generally located in the same directory as your WP.EXE file (usually the WP51 directory). If you don't have the file, custom install the utility files using your original WP/DOS disks. Exit to the C:> prompt, then follow these steps:

  • Change to the directory containing CURSOR.COM (usually C:\WP51):
    CD WP51 <ENTER>
  • Activate the program:
    Cursor <ENTER>

A grid displays. Use your cursor (arrow) keys to move the cursor around the grid until it is the size and shape you like. ...

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