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Cool Sweater

Clown Family

Interested in owning an original pen-and-ink drawing of your house or business, pet or landscape? How about a unique digital illustration or photograph for your Web page?

I need a clear explanation of what you want and a couple of well-lit photographs, then we need to come to an agreement on the price -- which depends on the finished piece's size, planned complexity, and timeframe.

I also provide digital photography services (click here for some examples), patent/technical illustration services (here are some examples), and general graphic design services (here are those examples).

All gussied up
Party time
Drawings like these are called line art because they have no shade gradiation, as found in photographs or halftones.
Creating a pen and ink for reproduction is much easier than making one to hang on someone's wall.
They require a steady hand, intense concentration, and infinite patience.
Pen and ink files store small. Clown Family is only 716 bytes because there are only two colors. If  saved as a halftone, the file is 8,639 bytes; saved in 256 colors, it's 9,663 bytes.
Bundle of joy
Line art once was the only type of art that newspapers could use.
Be mine!

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